Motorhome Living

Suitable For Everyone

Caravan and motor home living appeals to a wide variety of individuals, with the largest group of these residents being between the ages of 18 and 29, with the second largest group being between the ages of 50 and 59.

A mobile home (also known as a manufactured home) are known as any structure which has been adapted for people to live in, which can be moved from one place to another. This can be either by being towed by another vehicle or by being a motor home itself. They can come in any shape or size, and can be inhabited by individuals or families, which is why it can be so adaptable and useful.

Benefits of choosing to go mobile

  1. It is extremely cost efficient – by being able to visit many different parts of the world at your own accord.
  2. You can go wherever you want! There are a lot of family-orientated neighbourhoods which allow mobile campers to stay, to which you can build friendships and relationships with other residents.
  3. You can customise your space to your personal tastes. Mobile homes tend to be much smaller than traditional homes, which can provide the opportunity to fit all of your belongings in a more organised and small space.
  4. The possibilities are endless. As you can personalise your motorhome, you can add custom pop-outs, more storage, installations, gadgets, etc. All of these options can be made available to you by UK Leisure Parts at your convenience.

How we can help get you started

Here at UK Leisure Parts, we stock a number of products to help you get started in the world of motor living. These can include, appliances, electrical products, water solutions, accessories, heating products and even furniture.

One product we recommend for a beginner in living on the road is heating products, as the UK can be cold! Your motorhome can sometimes be affected by the external weather systems, which is why it can be important to incorporate some heating into your home. The heating products we sell range from Diesel, Gas, Petrol, and simple vents. For more information on our heating products, check out our ‘heating’ tab on the website.


Alongside this, we also recommend having a water system installed. Some mobile living communities may not have working water, or they may sometimes charge you for the use of their water, which is why it can be important for you to have your own. Our water products can include Skins, Tanks, Taps, Pipes, Fittings, and other various accessories/tools. For more product information, check out our ‘water’ tab on the top of our web page.

These are just a small selection of the many products we can sell to you to make your motorhome living experience more convenient. To look at more of our products, accessories and services we provide, take a tour of our website today.

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