Yilkar YH 2 Air Heater

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Technical Information

ECE R122 Number 122 R – 0010869
ECE R10 Number 10R – 05 15114
Heating Capacity 0,9 – 2,5 kW
Air Flow 90 m³/h (max.)
Fuel Type Diesel
Fuel Consumption 0,28 lt/h (max.) – 0,2 lt/h (average)
Operating Voltage 12 / 24 VDC
Starting Current 8A @ 12VDC – 4A @ 24VDC
Operating Current (max.) 3A @ 12VDC – 1.5A @ 24VDC
Weight 3 kg
Unit Dimensions 320x130x150 mm

Standard Installation Kit

Make a difference in passenger comfort with Yılkar Air Heaters

Air heater is a heater device that operates independently of the engine, has low electrical consumption, and has the ability to quickly heat the desired place by using the heat energy generated by the fuel.
Air Heater can be used anywhere that has a small energy source (battery) that can make electrical components work. Therefore, it has many uses. These; people transport, truck cabins, caravans, marine, ambulance, etc. special utility vehicles, defence industry, and various electric vehicles.

All parts required for the installation are provided.

1. Air Heater
2. Air routing hose kit
3. Air inlet / outlet vent kit
4. Main wiring
5. Vibration-absorbing seal
6. Combustion and exhaust air clamp kit
7. Combustion air hose
8. Exhaust air hose
9. Polyamide fuel hose
10. Fuel metering pump
11. Vibration damper pump connection kit
12. Fuel filter kit
13. Fuel pull hose kit
14. YH Basic control unit



Additional information

Weight 5 kg


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