Reimo Conversion Catalogue

Reimo 2022/2033 Catalogue

Reimo specialise in various, affordable camping and conversion accessories for your campervan. The Reimo van-conversion catalogue of 2022/23 contains a number of vital information regarding innovations regarding camper vans and mobile homes. The catalogue itself has various sections, which states the products and services sold by Reimo, which can be purchased here at UK Leisure Parts.

Various subjects are discussed, ranging from the construction models for self-building models, to vehicle roofs. The following guide will discuss the various sections in the catalogue and summarise the relevant information for your convenience. However, if you would like to see the catalogue yourself, you can download it with ease from the Reimo UK web page.

Camping boxes

The first product spoke about in the catalogue is that of the Reimo camping boxes. These provide maximum storage facilities in any motor home, which can also provide practicality and convenience. These can be self-installed and dismantled with ease – providing the best possible convenience and accessibility for the owner.

Furniture modules

These furniture models discussed in the catalogue can expand your motorhome, into becoming a relaxed and comfortable recreational vehicle which the whole family can enjoy. These furniture models can include comfort beds, bed extensions, driver cabin beds, small kitchen models and multi-functional sinks and taps.

Reimo Maxi-camper

With the maxi-camper assembly kits provided by Reimo, you are able to transform simple vans into an individual and comfortable camper van. These include furniture models, body extensions, vehicle roofs and sleep seats. The vehicle roofs provided by Reimo has a very large range, to which you can view in more detail throughout pages 108-143 in the conversion catalogue.

Reimo Mini Camper

This Reimo van-concept offers complete camping equipment for any vacation or leisure in a mini-van. These can range from mini campers with maximum benefits to De-luxe designs. Thus, allowing comfort and convenience when considering a life in a camper van.

The next part of the catalogue discusses various camper van vehicles, including Mercedes, Ford, Citroen and Volkswagen. These vehicles are said to all offer maximum comfort, security and convenience to its owners, which is why Reimo is proud to represent them and provide various accessories for the vehicles. Providing products such as furniture fabrics to chairs, Reimo provide the best quality self-assembly kits to provide the best possible accessibility for customers. For more in depth information on the vehicles, and the products which Reimo sell for these products, look at pages 40-102 in the van conversion catalogue.

Expansion Material and Accessories

The expansion materials include products such as curtains, furniture panels, furniture components, etc. These allow for the construction and expansion of any mobile home with the aim of creating a more comfortable and relaxed living environment. The accessories also provide maximum comfort and convenience, alongside providing small appliances which can help make the motor home more accessible for everyone.

For more in depth information on the products and services discussed in this page, please visit the UK Leisure Parts Website or download the catalogue for the best possible in depth information.

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