Winters Coming! Yilkar Diesel Air Heater (YH2)

The All New Diesel Air Heater

If you are looking for a sustainable, yet effective heater for your motorhome – look no further. The Yilkar diesel air heater operates independently off the engine from your motorhome, making not only the consumption for electricity low, but heating your desired area up in a short time. The perfect heater for your motorhome! The Diesel air heater can be used anywhere which has an energy supply – basically anywhere which can make electrical components work! Therefore, having several uses in vehicles.

As standard, all of the components needed for the installation of the air heater are provided by us, from Yilkar, to offer the best possible installation and convenience. At UK Leisure Parts, we sell the YH2 Air Heater, provided by Yilkar.

Innovation By Yilkar

There are certain qualities to the Yilkar diesel air heater which make it stand out from the crowd. These include the advanced control units (available in a basic or comfortable design); adaptive heating controls; leakproof designs; intelligent operating systems and the optional air outlet.

These will now all be explained in more detail, to provide you with a wider understanding of the product.

Advanced Control Panels

The advanced control panels fitted onto the air heaters provide much more convenience and accessibility for the client. The two control panels offered with the YH 2 Air Heater are that of the basic panel and the comfortable panel. The basic control unit provides a simple, yet multi-functional control, while the comfortable control panel can be described as programmable and functional. For the certain qualities of the two panels, take a look at our website.

Adaptive Heating Control

Along with being economically friendly and accessible, the engineers at Yilkar also prioritise that of heating control. Due to this, they were able to develop a low fuel consumption, yet high thermal comfort heater, which can detect the heating status of your heater. Due to this control of heat, the YH 2 heater is able to transmit air at a temperature which is adequate and comfortable to the environment it is in.

Leakproof Design

Environmental factors were considered when designing the YH 2 Air heater, such as weather conditions and internal leaks. Therefore, the heater was made specially to suit all environmental conditions, whether external or internal to the motorhome. Alongside this, all electrical components in the heater are equipped with specialist sealing parts, to ensure no leaks.

Intelligent Operating System

Due to the air heater having a specialised algorithm which controls its operations, it is able to detect up to 22 different errors which may occur. This will then warn the user present, which can therefore enable the device to be repaired before any damage is caused.

Optional Air Outlet

The YH 2 Air Heater comes with two types of air outlet covers. As standard, a O60 Air outlet cover is provided. However, a O75 air outlet cover can be added at your request – which can provide a larger air flow route.

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