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Reimo Natural Light Expansion Materials

More about our expansion materials

The previous page discussed the expansion materials provided by Reimo. This page will discuss further the products provided to help improve the adaptability and look of your mobile home.

Expansion material enables much more convenience with day to day tasks, as well as making mobile living just that little bit easier. Too add to this, most of the products sold are easily self-installed and dismantled, so you can add or remove accessories as you please.


Reimo offer a wide range of different and adaptable curtains, which can be fitted to a range of different vehicles. These can offer privacy, as well as light protection. The main three curtain sets sold by Reimo are as followed:

  1. Curtain ser for darkening Volkswagen buses – made specifically for the VW buses, this curtain set offers a completely-opaque 2 layer darkening of the front and side windows to offer high levels of privacy. 
  2. Opaque living room curtains for vans – these curtain sets offer an extremely high-quality regarding materials, as it is 2 layered designed, with it being pre-assembled for your convenience.
  3. Translucent living room blackout curtains for vans – these type of curtains offer natural lighting, as well as the option to go black-out. They are also designed to have the best fabric tension, with curtain guides being at the top and bottom of the structure.

There are also a number of curtain accessories offered by Reimo, Including mosquito nets, curtain clips and curtain rails. These can all contribute to making your mobile home even more accessible.


Reimo offer a fantastic range of real glass windows, specifically designed for different mobile vehicles. The retrofittable safety glass which they provide can give a vehicle much more character, while also adding to the living atmosphere inside the vehicle by allowing for natural lighting. Designed for many different mobile vehicle types, the dark-tinted glazing can ensure that all privacy is maintained in the best possible way. Reimo offer many different types of windows for a wide range of different vehicles – the different models are listed below:

  • Tinted safety glass windows – designed for the Volkswagen T6.1/T6/T5/T4 and Caddy.
  • Tinted safety glass windows – designed for the Mercedes Vito.
  • Tinted safety glass windows – for the Renault Trafic and Ford Transit models.
  • Tinted safety glass windows for the maxi-campers.
  • Universal sliding window.
  • Real glass hinged window with fixed panels.
  • Acrylic window incl. inside frame.
  • Elegant frame vent windows.
  • Acrylic windows – including the comfort vent window for normal, RW designs, RW compacts and RW vans.
  • Acrylic rear window.

Special Windows

Reimo also offer an exclusive range of window designs, which offer excellent heat insulation inside the vehicle, as well as offering natural light. The special window designs are as followed:

  • Reimo VW T6 and T5 rear window frame, with S7P hinged window.
  • Duet honeycomb blind and insect screen.
  • Aluminium high pop-up window.
  • Porthole acrylic window.

Roof Hoods

Roof hoods are essential to keeping in heat, while also incorporating social aspects into your mobile living lifestyle. The roof hoods designed and offered by Reimo can offer UV resistance, integrated insect screens, blackout curtain options and even built in LED lights.

For any more in-depth information regarding any of the products listed, please take a tour of the Reimo van conversion catalogue of 2023. Alternatively, take a tour of the UK Leisure Parts website, as we are a proud retailer of the Reimo products.

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