Reimo Expansion Materials

Expansion Materials For More Possibilities

The expansion material provided by Reimo is for those who want to convert their own vehicle. In this information page, you will find all of the right details into the right materials and techniques to use when converting your vehicle on your own.

From furniture panels to installation, the expansion materials provided by Reimo can make your vehicle as comfortable and homely as you desire.

Sound Insulation

The sound and vehicle insulation provided by Reimo can be the ideal product for insulating the sound made inside the vehicle, i.e. by making you soundproof. Also, it can be beneficial in insulating the engine, so it does not over heat and cause damage to you or the vehicle. The products supplied are as followed:

  • Noise Regulator – self-adhesive sound insulation.
  • Anti-vibration soundproofing mats.
  • X-Trem isolator.

Interior Trim

Interior trims are the most popular of Reimo interior products, as they are easy processing and can make any vehicle instantly more comfortable for the owner. The interior lining products sold are:

  • Interior cladding panels.
  • Cladding with velour fabrics.
  • Stretch carpet felt, easy-trim, easy to install.
  • Interior trim panels for Fiat Ducato.

Furniture Panels

Furniture panels are also very popular at Reimo, as they can transform the look of any vehicle’s interior and provide maximum convenience. With the panels provided by Reimo, they are very stable and strong, being able to sustain strong forces. Also, they are available in a number of different unique designs in order to fit to any desired vehicle. Different furniture panels offered by Reimo are:

  • Poplar Plywood with CPL or HPL, available in a number of colours and sizes.
  • Poplar Plywood with HPL laminate surface.
  • Lipping and connecting profiles.
  • Furniture handles and locks.
  • Push locks and tumblers.
  • Handles.
  • Furniture building hinges.
  • Furniture connectors and flap displays.
  • Coat hooks and folding brackets.
  • Ventilation grills.
  • Furniture making accessories.

As you can see, Reimo offer a wide range of furniture modules and accessories to aid in the convenience of your mobile living life, from hinges to door handles and locks. Also available can be chair accessories and swivel table frames. More on tables will be discussed now.

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