Reimo Expansion Accessories 

Top Of The Line Expansion Accessories

At Reimo, you will find all of the necessary accessories and equipment you will need for any kind of recreational vehicle; whether that be motorhomes, caravans or campervans. At UK Leisure Parts, we are a proud supplier of the Reimo product line.

Over the years, Reimo has expanded their exclusive range of accessible camping accessories, which have developed into being one of the worlds most affordable brand. The following text will explore the different accessories which are offered by Reimo – if you require more specific information regarding any of the products, take a look at the 2023 Reimo Van Conversion Catalogue today.

Ventilation Grille

To add extra ventilation into your motor home, check out the range of ventilation grilles which are provided by Reimo.

Easily attachable to the front windows, it can allow for fresh air to be rotated around the interior of the vehicle. They are also stable and can allow for protection against burglars, as well as weather and insect protection.

Mosquito nets

The mosquito nets designed by Reimo are reliant and versatile, due to the integrated elastic band, making it able to stick to the sides of the van doors with ease.

The mosquito nets come in different variations, depending on the type of vehicle. Designed for the VW Caddy, Citoren SpaceTourer, Ford Transit, Renault Trafic and many more.

Blackout cab

These are specialised pleated blinds which are fitted onto the window.

Blackout cabs can offer maximum insulation against the heat and cold – as well as providing no light, which can make it convenient for those who are living on the road and need to rest when it is convenient.

Water facilities and toilets

From cassette toilet sets, to a basic hygiene set – Reimo can help make your life on the road just that little bit easier. The cassette toilet sets come with an integrated control panel and electric flush, as well as a soft close toilet lid. Also including a specialised waste tank, it is easily emptied and replaced with convenience and no mess.

Also provided by Reimo are pressure water pumps, to help with the general running of water throughout your recreational vehicle. Not just allowing for clean water, but also providing the best water pressure and correct flow all throughout. For specific specifications on the water pumps provided, check out the Reimo website.

Stoves and sinks

Cooker and Sink combination with 2 piece glass cover – this specialised cooker and sink set has a 2-flame ignition fuse and outer dimensions which are capable of fitting hot and cold taps. This is a high-quality and easy-care stainless steel product which can aid in the convenience in your mobile living lifestyle.

Gas Stove with glass cover – available with 2 or 3 burners, the gas stove can offer the convenience of gas cooking, with a 2-flame ignition fuse and burner power of 1.4KW.

Other products include different specifications to the Stainless Steel wash basins, which can offer a chic-look to any interior of motor home.

For more information on any of the products listed, please visit the UK Leisure Parts website today, as we have all of the Reimo products on there, alongside the different specifications of the accessories mentioned.

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