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Reimo Mini Camper Conversions

Mini Campers

Your entire vacation and leisure life in one minivan. The range of minivans provided by Reimo can provide you with the maximum amount of convenience, with the best possible quality products, which can be exclusively sold by us here at UK Leisure Parts.

Now is the perfect time to let Reimo help convert your simple motor vehicle into a motor home with their minivan conversions. They are available for many types of vehicles and can have many benefits. Let’s take a look.

Volkswagen Caddy / Ford Connect – Camper 2

The minivan conversion made for the Volkswagen Caddy 5 Maxi and the Ford Connect can provide the best possible convenience and benefit for you. The elegant camper is new to the Reimo collection and can provide full everyday suitability, by providing:

  1. A full-size camper with a compact furniture line.
  2. Living areas with 3-4 seats and folding table feature.
  3. Suitable headroom in said living area with a sleeping roof feature.

This minivan in particular can have many technical and living benefits to your everyday van, for the technical specifications please visit the UK Leisure Parts or Reimo site today, where it has all of the specific information for you.

Volkswagen Caddy Maxi

Made for the VW Caddy, this minivan conversion camper comes with complete furniture equipment, including generous storage spaces and a built-in furniture line.

This is the perfect companion for your vacations or even everyday life, as it can be used as a general 5 seater minivan, as well as a camper van.

Volkswagen Caddy / Ford Connect – Weekender 2

This conversion design is also made for the VW Caddy and Ford Connect, to help create another unique design for mobile living. With a comfortable living design for up to 4 people, the Weekender 2 design can provide maximum comfortability and convenience for any mobile liver.

The new design also offers an ingenuous compact kitchen box, which includes a sink, water system, gas stove and additional space for an optional compressor cooler. No modifications are required to be made to the vehicle following installation.

Reimo Weekender

Based on the Volkswagen Caddy Maxi (long wheelbase), the Reimo weekender offers a manoeuvrable and flexible option to mobile living. It can adapt perfectly to your needs and provide a full XXL double bed in the back of the vehicle. The bed can be folded up on both sides of the vehicle, with also the option of adding a sleeping roof to provide more sleeping space.

This design is ideal for city traffic as It is small and easily removable, allowing all 5 original driving seats to remain in the vehicle.

Reimo Active

This design is based on the Volkswagen Caddy Life, as well as the VW Trendline, Comfortline, Highline and Maxi. The Reimo active can provide the perfect camping equipment, which can be self-installed at anytime for your convenience. It includes an extendable kitchen module, removable storage box, slatted bed – perfect for 2 people and the convenience of seating in the rear of the vehicle. This is perfect for short holidays, as it can be installed and dismantled at ease and at any time.

For any specific technical information on the Reimo Mini-camper conversion designs, please take a tour of the Reimo website today. At UK Leisure Parts, we a proud retailer of these Reimo products, which is why we can provide any technical specifications and information for you if desired.

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