Reimo Maxi Camper (Volkswagen models)

Reimo Maxi Campers

Specific camper van furnishings and accessories for Volkswagen vans which are simple and elegant are hard to come by. At Reimo, they offer a complete ‘Reimo van concept’ for the Volkswagen models, providing everything from functional furnishings to classic sleeping arrangements. We are proud to supply and provide services for Reimo here at UK Leisure Parts, as they are one of the world’s leading suppliers in the mobile living and van-conversion markets. The camper van designs are specific to the vehicle type and lifestyle – for example, you can purchase a ‘weekender’ van conversion and even a ‘city-van’ conversion. The options are limitless.

Volkswagen T7.1/T6.1/T6/T5

The following van conversion services are specially made for this vehicle type and are very popular at Reimo.

Reimo Free Van

This is based upon the VW T7 multi-van and can transform your whole van into your home. It includes a comfort bed, kitchen module, multifunctional power unit, curtain set, single-leg table system, as well as an outside table and tripod. This can be convenient for large groups of people, as it can hold up to 7 seats once the camping equipment is removed. Otherwise, it is convenient for a couple.

Reimo Trio-style

Designed for the VW transporter T6 models, the trio-style design comes with various features to aid the accessibility of your mobile living lifestyle. Being equipped with a full equipped furniture unit with built in kitchen, a removable bench seat (fitting up to 3 people), sleeping facilities, maximum storage layout, and up to 7 luxurious seats once furniture is removed. The trio-style design can come in different designs and come equipped with different materials such as electric power, fridges and gas heaters. For more information on the different Trio-style conversion models, check out the van conversion catalogue on the Reimo website.

Reimo Sport-camper

Again designed for the VW transporter T6 models, the sport-camper can turn any van into a modern and functional camper van. The sport-camper is ideal for family trips and camping vacations, offering 5 seats and a 3-person comfort sleeping bench.

Reimo Travel-style

Allowing for maximum comfort, alongside the convenience of mobile living, the Reimo travel-style conversion design can be said to be the best possible motorhome for the luxurious. With spacious furniture units, a double bed, and even an integrated closet, it can offer the best possible convenience for you.

Reimo City-van

Designed for the city lovers, the city-van offers generous space with a large storage compartment. It provides maximum comfort and flexibility because of its variable living and flexible storage space.

Weekender Plus

The perfect family van. One of the largest conversion services offered here at Reimo, the Weekender plus comes with a large bed, a sliding 3-person sitting arrangement, compact kitchen with sink and water system, 7 luxurious seats and incredible storage. The ideal and comfortable family holiday.

Reimo Bike’N’surf

This conversion model provides the best possible storage space, with easy self-installation. Provided with a large camper bed and maximum storage facilities, this is perfect for the adventurous mobile liver.

Other conversion models

Other conversion models provided by Reimo for the Volkswagen vans include the Weekender, the Florida Kit, Speedy kit and the Jolly kit. These all provide basic intense camping kits and equipment to aid in the convenience of your mobile living. At UK Leisure Parts, we are proud to be a supplier of the Reimo conversion products and are always happy to help with any questions you may have towards the kits provided.

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