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Comfort On The Road

Convenience is always desired when living on the road, which is why we at UK Leisure Parts are proud to offer the infamous furniture modules provided by Reimo. Reimo are one of the worlds largest and most reliable providers of parts and accessories for mobile homes. In their 2022/23 Van conversion catalogue, which has been mentioned in our previous pages, talks through the different furniture modules offered and the benefits to which they can have.

This page will talk through these modules and how they can turn your recreational vehicle into the best possible home for you.

Comfort beds

Designed for the Mercedes Benz, Volkswagen T6.1/T6 and Citroen, the comfort beds can be installed into your recreational vehicle with ease, in no time at all!  The beds are made to be fixed into the original floor rails with quick clamps, provided by Reimo. The specifications of the comfort beds are as followed:

  1. An aluminum frame with a comfortable slatted frame suspension.
  2. Comfortable maxi-bed with a lying surface of 195×140 cm.
  3. Luxury mattress, which is 12cm thick, with a high-quality Drell cover.
  4. Clear height under the bed (33.5cm).
  5. Foldable – making it easy to install and dismantle at your convenience.
  6. Easy to install and remove – without making any modifications to your vehicle.

Comfort bed for Mercedes Benz

The comfort bed designed for the Mercedes Benz VS20 is 5.14m in length and can it in the seat rail system. Two single seats are then allowed to be in the vehicle alongside the bed. These can be pushed forward and placed in transport position once the bed has been put into place.

Comfort bed for Citroen Space Tourer/Vanisher

This bed is also designed to be mounted in the seat rails of the Space Tourer. The height can be adjusted so that one rear seat can remain in the vehicle once the bed has been put into place.

Other comfort beds can be available from Reimo:

  • A patented cab-bed system with cab swivel seats – these provides a ‘bunk bed’ system, which can be very strong and stable. It can provide additional sleeping space in the drivers cabin and can also offer children a space to sleep.
  • Bed extensions – these can be anchored behind the seats of a mini-van and can be used as a trunk cover when used in the day. It can be installed very quickly and can provide a comfortable sleeping area.
  • CampSleep – available in regular or small sixed, the CampSleep provides an additional bed in the driver’s cabin of a motorhome. It is simply placed over the seats in the front cabin and can provide maximum comfort.

Kitchen Modules

The Calicook kitchen

You can upgrade your mobile home to a real camping bus with the Calicook Kitchen Module made by Reimo. Fit for the Volkswagen T6.1/T6 California Beach and Multi-van, the Calicook kitchen can be installed transversely behind the drivers seat. The Calicook offers a stainless steel sink with a shower tap and water system, a large pull-out compression cooler and storage space.

The practical kitchen can also include a folding table and shelf, which can provide a convenient breakfast table, to which the whole family can use.

The Calishrank Kitchen

Also designed for the Volkswagen T6.1/T6, and the T5, the Calishrank kitchen can provide the best possible surface space and storage a campervan can have. It can offer a number of benefits including that of versatile equipment, which can be used as a bench seat for a dining or work table.

The Calishrank can also be removed in no time without tools and can be used in the awning of the vehicle.

Multifunctional flex kitchen with gas system

This kitchen is removable and is placed behind the passenger seat. It contains one burner stove and sink combination, which can be convenient for cooking outside of the vehicle.

The kitchen is also available with the option of swivelling, so it can be placed outside of the van.

Multifunctional Pantry

The multifunctional kitchens offered by Reimo can transform your mini-van into a convenient and easy home. The multifunctional pantry can offer the best possible storage space for your food and beverages. It has an elegant furniture design with a distinctive rounded aluminium edge.


Accessories are also available for all furniture modules designed and made by Reimo, just visit either the UK Leisure Parts website or the Reimo website itself to take a tour of all the accessories sold. For any more information on the furniture modules sold, please get in contact, or take a tour of both websites today.

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