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Reimo Internal & External Expansion Accessories

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The previous page discussed a range of the accessories which are provided by Reimo to improve the design and accessibility of your recreational vehicle and motorhome. This page will continue to explore all the different accessories provided. To also note, UK Leisure Parts are a proud retailer of the Reimo products, to which you can look at al of the specific specifications of on the UK Leisure Parts webpage.

Cooling accessories

The cooling accessory range by Reimo can include a variation of different products. This ranges form refrigerators, to fans, to even refrigerator drawers. Being sourced from other local top brands such as Carbest, Dometic and Itririgo, the cooling range can offer the best possible range of cooling systems for your mobile home.

Mobile solar systems

For powerful, foldable and adaptable solar power on the go. The extensive range of solar panels can create enough power for your entire vehicle. The different solar panels which are offered are:

  • Solar Case 120 Watt.
  • Foldable solar panel with 135 Watts and charge controller.
  • Flexible high-performance solar modules from 80 to 160 Watts.
  • Solar sets with flexible high-performance solar modules and aluminum frames.
  • Solar accessories – including the solar charge controller, Bluetooth enabled MPPT charge controller and the Sun-control controller.
  • Other products also include the basic panel sets and mobile energy supply.

Gasoline and Diesel heaters

With low fuel consumption and maximum heat ventilation, the different diesel or gasoline heaters which are provided by Reimo can heat up your mobile home in a cost effective and convenient way. The different heaters which are sols are as followed:

  • Air Top 2000 STC air heaters, which is compact – ideal for small vehicles.
  • Van-heat 2.0 – the powerful diesel parking heaters which can be controlled via an LCD control panel.

Alarm systems

It is important to maintain safety alongside privacy when living in a recreational vehicle. Reimo offer several different alarm systems from reliable gas detectors to large radio alarm systems with expandable access – to cover all the vehicles external surroundings.

LED lights

To show more of a comfortable and living design in your motorhome, Reimo offer a range of different LED lights to make your space look more homely and personal. These can range from small stick on lights, to table lamps and even rain gutter lighting.

Rail tents

Rail tents allow for extra privacy and space for when your vehicle is stationary. Whether needed for a shower/partition curtain – the rail tents can be easily attached and removed. You can also purchase the Rear tent equipment, which allows for extra space at the back of the vehicle.

Awning products

Awning products are similar to tents on the side of the vehicle, which can offer a more personable and large socializing space. They are available for several different recreational vans, including the Mercedes Vito, Ford Transit and many more. The Awning tents can be removed, adapted and installed with ease, providing the maximum amount of comfort and convenience for the mobile liver.

Bike carriers

These are exclusive products provided by Reimo and can offer a secure attachment to the rear of the vehicle for any type of bicycle. Also designed for different recreational vehicles, they can be easily installed onto the vehicle and removed.

Miscellaneous accessories

The other accessories provided by Reimo include:

  • Folding camping tables.
  • Camping chairs.
  • Table wear and cutlery sets.
  • Kitchen accessories such as strainers, coffee filters, silicone folding kettles, trash cans, pots and many others.
  • Transport organization such as storage boxes and lids.
  • Ramp wedges.
  • Living comfort such as universal phone holders, cup holders and charging trays.

For any more information on the products discussed, please visit the Reimo website for the specifics. Alternatively, get in contact with UK Leisure Parts today, as we are a proud provider of the Reimo products.

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