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Reimo Glass Windows

Find your perfect window

At UK Leisure Parts, we understand the importance of getting the right parts and accessories for your mobile home. This is why we are proud to offer the Reimo Glass Windows – as they offer a comprehensive range of campervan windows, glass, and bonding kits, so you can find exactly what you are looking for. With a variety of windows, including clear and tinted designs, we can help you find the window you need, for any campervan or mobile home project. At UK Leisure Parts, you are able to shop an extensive range of Reimo products – including the glass windows for any vehicle types, including Volkswagen, Ford, Mercedes, Vauxhall, and many more!

Reliable & secure glass windows

For any type of motor home or van, Reimo can provide the best and most reliable glass windows, which not only provide more natural light in your vehicle, but also security – with the strong and durable glass. The different types of glass window products provided by Reimo are:

  • Campervan windows.
  • Van conversion windows.
  • Rigid panes of glass (including Plexiglass).
  • Branded window designs – such as Polyplastic, Dometic and Seitz.
  • Caravan sliding windows.
  • Top-hinged caravan window.
  • Porthole Windows.
  • Rooflights and Skylights.
  • Accessories – such as spare parts, air vents, blinds, wind deflectors, flyscreens, etc.

Which is best suited?

The next part of this page will talk through the advantages of using certain windows in your caravan or recreational vehicle – which are all supplied by Reimo, and can be accessed on either the UK Leisure Parts web page, or the Reimo site.

For any specific information regarding any of the products listed, please visit the UK Leisure Parts website today – where you can find all of the information you require.

Sliding caravan windows

This type of window design can benefit not just the look of your motorhome, but the accessibility and access to it. Sliding windows can be safely kept open while driving, to help keep the ventilation circulating inside the vehicle, as well as without drawing attention to other road users. You can also adjust how wide the windows are, so you can either have it wide or narrow – depending on how much fresh air you want in!

Hinged campervan windows

The hinged windows can provide additional levels of security to the vehicle, as they have an internal double locking system. Also, as it is a single glass panel, it can give an uninterrupted view to the exterior of the vehicle, while also not giving any glare from the sun. The hinged windows can be purchased from several known brands such as Dometic and of course- Reimo.

Fixed Windows

Although you are unable to open this type of window, it still can allow for natural light to be spread all inside the van. The single fixed pane can be the cheapest option for allowing windows in your campervan – ideal if you are on a fixed budget.

Campervan skylight

The campervan skylights can make your motorhome instantly look better- as you can get light from all angles. When the skylights are opened up, it can create a thorough draught throughout the inside of the vehicle, as well as providing sufficient ventilation. Also, it enables you to have more access to the wall space inside the camper, which can be used for extra storage systems or for decorative means.

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