Reimo Camping Boxes

Must Have Camping Boxes

Whether planning a small trip or permanent residence, the Reimo camping box is a must have for any mini van or motor home. The Reimo camping boxes don’t require any modifications to a vehicle, it is a simple design that can be ready for your camping trip in no time.

All there is to for you to do is simply place the camping box in your boot, which can be removed and dissembled at any time. These multi-functional camping boxes are available in different sizes and versions, to be suitable for any vehicle. The following page talks through the different types of camping boxes we provide from Reimo.

Camping Box L

This box is suitable for various vehicles including the VW T6.1/T6/T5, the Mercedes Benz Vito, Renault Traffic, and many others. This multi-functional box has several specifications including:

  • A rear kitchen module with a practical storage system.
  • Easy installation (self-install) without having to take out any modifications to the vehicle.
  • High-quality HPL surfaces.
  • Expensive and high standard equipment such as folding sink, water cannisters, and storage boxes.
  • Can be dismantled at ease and stored in a space-saving place.

Camping Box M

Suitable for the VW Caddy, Citroen Berlingo, Renault Kangoo and many others, the M Camping box can turn any everyday vehicle into a mini-camper. The specifications to this box are the same as the ‘Camping box L’, but have additional benefits including:

  • A bed module which has a large lying down surface.
  • A Slide Folding table
  • Can be stored in a place to save space.

Camping Box LCM

This particular camping box is slightly bigger and is suitable for the regular minivan. These vehicles include the VW T6 Multi-van and California Beach minivan. The specifications for this box are of a higher quality and include:

  • It can provide a functional rear kitchen with a clever storage system, including cooking equipment.
  • Easy installation (self-install).
  • A sleeping bench, which is complimented with a cushion pad on top of the camping box.
  • The camping box completely replaces the VW Multi-flex board.
  • Includes a lateral folding table to allow for more working space.
  • More extensive accessories for this particular camping box can be found on the Reimo website.

Camping Box WV

This is known to be the best- and well-known ideal travel companion for spontaneous short trips and camping vacations. This is best designed for vehicles including the VW T6.1/T6/T5 and the Mercedes Benz Vito. The specifications are the same as the Camping box L but also include:

  • A multifunctional rear kitchen with a clever storage system.
  • Rear wall flap which can be used as another storage area.
  • Pearl Black décor with a high quality HPL surface.
  • An open tailgate protects from every weather system, even the rain. This can also be extended with a rear tent.
  • Side handles are fixed for an easy installation and removal.

Other camping boxes include the Luggage Butler, which is an easy and convenient easy way to load and unload your vehicle. For any more specific specifications on the camping boxes, feel free to take a tour of either the UK Leisure parts website or the Reimo website itself. At UK Leisure Parts we stock a wide range of Reimo products and are able to offer guidance and support on any products required.

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