Toilet Systems In Motor Homes

Choose your perfect toilet System

When travelling on the road, it can be important to ensure that you have an efficient toilet system in your vehicle. Although most campsites have toilet facilities, it can sometimes be more beneficial to have your own personal toilet systems installed.

Here at UK Leisure Parts, we offer several products and services which can ensure you have the best quality systems, for less! For more information on the products we offer, check out the ‘toilet’ tab under accessories on the main web page.

Only the best toilet systems

When living on the road, one of the most important things to do is to be in control of your water and toilet waste – as build up of this can cause harmful disadvantages in your living spaces. However, before talking through the benefits of having a toilet in your mobile home, it is important to look at how to install a toilet system and which design is best suited for you.

In general, there are different types of toilet systems that you can purchase for your caravan or mobile home. These can include chemical toilets to flushing (re-circulating) toilets. It usually depends on what type of mobile home you have, which determines which toilet system you purchase – as they come in different sizes and work differently. For example, chemical toilets are generally used more in small campervans, as they can be emptied quickly and easily. Adding onto this, flushing toilets are usually found in bigger motor homes, as they are connected to its own water system – which means you don’t have to empty the system yourself!

Different types of motorhome toilets:

  1. Gravity-flush toilets – this is the most common type of toilet system found in motorhomes. They are very similar to toilets that you have at home, but instead of a hand pushed flush, it is controlled by a foot-pedal.
  2. Vacuum flush toilets – These aren’t connected to a waste tank, unlike gravity-flush toilets – this automatically reduces any odour in or around the home. These are easy to empty at easy chemical waste bins around the country.
  3. Composting toilets – these use less water and no chemicals, which can be a great option for you if you don’t have a sufficient water supply handy and are not near a suitable chemical waste site. The purpose of composting toilets is to compost any waste, which can later be primed with natural materials and be used later on.

There are many benefits to having a toilet system in place in a motorhome – the main one being the convenience of it. Even when on the road, you are able to use the facilities whenever you need to – so basically you can travel more without the worry! Another good thing about having your own toilet can be the hygiene benefits your own toilet can offer. Many campsite toilet facilities are used by many other people, and can often be off putting for people, so you are always guaranteed a clean toilet when you have your own!

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