Water Tanks In Mobile Homes

Water And Waste Solutions

Every structure needs a supply of fresh water, as well as an effective sewer system – whether that be a fixed property or a mobile home. A clean supply of fresh water in any home holds many benefits such as improvement to health, hygiene, and cleanliness.

The importance of having a freshwater tank and sewage systems in a motor home, is just as important as a regular property. The tanks are used to supply and store fresh and clean drinking water into the home, while the sewage system is responsible for the disposal of old, used and wasted water. This page will discuss the tanks themselves, how they will benefit your mobile living lifestyle and which parts and services you can buy from us here at UK Leisure Parts.

Wide Range Of Water Tanks

The range of water tanks varies significantly, as much as the choice of different caravans you can get. In a mobile home, fresh water is either transported through a water tank or carried in manually through a cannister – we would highly recommend installing a water tank into your mobile home, for a permanent supply of fresh water and sewage. Mobile home water tanks can come in many different forms, in terms of being fixed or mobile. Mobile tanks have wheels which can allow them to be pulled around easily, whereas fixed tanks are attached to the exterior of the vehicle. It is very common for the mobile home tanks to be kept fixed, as it makes it much easier while in transportation. Fixed tanks are more sustainable and can be filled up by a nozzle on the exterior of the tank. The fixed tanks can also hold up to 200 litres of water – depending on the size of the motor home.

What You Must Consider

When it comes to choosing the perfect tank for your vehicle, there are several important factors which you must consider. Firstly, you need to keep in the mind the size of your van, and how big of a tank you need. You don’t want a tank that is too big for you! This can ensure you fully maximise your space, while also having a fresh supply of water. Secondly, you will need to consider the suppliers which provide the products of the highest quality. Water and drainage is a vital part in everyday life – whether on the road or stationary at home. When you have these high-quality materials and products, you can always be sure that your water is clean, safe and fresh. Water can often become unstable and stagnant after it has sat for a while, which is why it is also important to consider a purification system to always keep this water pumping.

Here at UK Leisure Parts, we have an extensive range of water tank accessories and products to help you get set up with the best possible tanks for your mobile home. The products we sell range from dust caps to a 16-litre water cannister, to view our extensive range, please click the following link:

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