Sanjo 50 & 85 Litre Fridges In Silver Or Black

Designed for the use of a small Campervan, the Sanjo fridge offers one of the best and most cost-effective fridges on the market at the moment. If you are looking for a top-quality campervan fridge, which won’t break your bank, the Sanjo fridge we offer is the one for you.

The specially designed fridge features a brand new soft-touch control panel, making it accessible and easier for you to adjust the temperature to whatever you desire. There are 5 different temperature settings, as well as a freezer compartment, ensuring your food and beverages are stored with ease. The cooling system itself is enhanced with a fin condenser, which provides the best possible performance, durability and resistance against corrosion.

Fridges Made For Campervans

This fridge design has been specifically tailored for built-in installation into caravans, camper trailers, RVs and even boats. The small and compact design offers one of the most powerful and reliable fridges on the market today. Inside, the fridge is controlled by a powerful speed compressor, that reduces noise – especially when the external temperatures are high. Upon start up, the compressor will run at an average speed, once switched to a lower temperature, a higher speed and then runs at the lowest speed when maintaining the set point. Therefore, significantly saving on energy emissions!

Located inside the fridge are two door shelves, which are completely removable, allowing for more internal space when desired. The modern style of the external aspect of the fridge offers a smart and elegant look which can fit into any design of campervan conversion.

Benefits Of The Sanjo Fridge

The sleek looking Sanjo fridge offers a number of benefits, which are listed as followed:

  • Separate freezer compartment, which can be removed.
  • Bright LED illuminations.
  • Temperature control.
  • Large fan which can overcome high external temperatures.
  • Controlled compressor which reduces noise levels and is significantly more efficient.
  • Electronic control panel with soft touch screen.
  • High performance fin condenser.
  • Electronic thermistor for a more accurate temperature measurement.
  • IR sensor for interior LED light, which can be more reliable than a manual switch.
  • No gas supply or external ventilation required, making it perfect for people on the go!
  • Flexible shelves, bottle holder, egg compartment, etc.

Specific Features:

  • Overall Size: Height 530mm, Depth 490mm, Width 380mm
  • New soft touch screen panel.
  • 2 stage battery protection.
  • Electronic control of the compressor speed – up to 25% less energy consumption.
  • 5 different temperature settings.
  • Bright LED interior light with IR sensor.
  • Cabinet at rear base to help clear the vehicle side.
  • Colour – Silver
  • Electric thermostat control.
  • 42 litres of cool storage, 4.5 litres of freezer space (detachable).

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