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Nobilpans Italian Furniture Boards

Nobilpan is a company that specializes in the production of the best quality Italian furniture boards. They offer a variety of products for different looks and purposes, in our ply range.

Based in Sorbolo Mezzani, Italy, Nobilpan have a dedicated warehouse distributing their grade A Italian woods directly to us in the UK.

Nobilpan take pride in the versatility and almost limitless usage of their products in furnishings, fittings production and in the caravan and commercial vehicle industries.

Makalu Copper
Light Driftwood
Grey Zebrano

What Makes Nobilpan One of the Best Italian Furniture Board Manufacturers?

Nobilpan is one of the best Italian furniture board manufacturers due to their founders revolutionary idea to use platforms for woods which are overlaid. This leads to a versatile panel that is ready for many use cases. As a result of their early ingenuity they have manufactured premium furniture boards that are: aesthetically pleasing to the eye, eco-friendly, cost effective and extremely versatile since 1974.

In order to achieve a grade A finish on all of their woods, it all begins in the finishing panel process. Nobilpan have mastered the art of rendering all wood finishes to the highest possible standard. Obtaining finishes such as: real wood, fabric, painted wall, natural stone or even metallic effects. Due to their extensive research and knowledge on furniture board finishes, it gives you access to, durable, high quality panels while also reducing your carbon footprint due to their eco-friendly technology.

Endless Possibilities

Nobilpan supplies finished panels of largely 2 to 30mm in thickness that are coated on one or both sides, with the possibility to differentiate the two sides by colour and type of finish effect to meet any aesthetic or price requirement. Large sized panels (up to 5600 mm x 2200 mm) can be supplied on request.

We can also supply:

  • Spliced panels (folding process)
  • Bevelled and/or perforated panels
  • Wood effect finished panels obtained by using a mechanical pour
  • Painted plywood panels
  • Standard and/or cut-to-size printed panels

What We Have In Stock

We now have a dedicated “Italian Woods” category on our website where you can view all of our currently in stock woods. If you have any questions or queries about the woods on display then please call or email our office.

Contact Us For Special Requests

We are always looking for new finishes to best serve your furniture board needs and requirements. If you have any special requests then please contact us so we can do our best to accommodate you.

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