Reimo Sleep-Seat Systems

Main UK Supplier Of Reimo Sleep-Systems

The Reimo sleep-seat systems are proudly sold by us here at UK Leisure Parts and have a number of benefits to aid in the convenience of your mobile living life.

The sleeping/sitting bench system come in four different widths to suit various different vehicles, ranging from 1155mm to 1380mm. Consisting of 3 registered seats, the bench is formed with the integrated cushion and have a size of approximately 160cm width and 205cm length. Along with this, the bench is compliant with European Regulations in terms of the safety of the seats, even while driving. Therefore, the Reimo sleeping/seating benches are tried and tested to be perfectly safe for those who use them.

Reimo Variotech V3000

The sliding and removable bench: Providing good and comfortable sleeping, the Variotech V3000 comes with a variable living and storage space. This offers additional storage space for shoes, cables, equipment, etc. and can provide quick-bed assembly to make it accessible for whenever you need.

Reimo Variotech V3100

the firmly bolted bench: With the same specifications as the Variotech V3000, the V3100 can offer more advantages, as it is bolted directly to the vehicle floor and can therefore be placed in such position for a long time.

Variotech 1000

Sleeping/single seats: This specific bench offers comfortable single seats, offering plenty of leg room for the owner. They provide single beds which can provide free access to the rear of the vehicle.  These specific sleeping systems can be useful and convenient for small trips or families.

Variotech 3100

Designed for the Volkswagen Transporter T6.1/T6/T5, the Variotech 3100 can provide a 3-person sleeping bench which is fixed to the floor of the vehicle. This type of sleeping bench is perfect for small families, as the middle seat can be used to hold a child seat, with maximum safety.

Other Variotech Models

Other Variotech models are also designed for other vehicles such as the Mercedes Vito, Renault Trafic, Fiat Talento and the Ford Transit, which offer the same specifiations and safety benefits as all of the Variotech designs. For more specific information on the Sleep-seat systems, take a look at the Reimo van conversion catalogue today.

Other sitting and sleeping benches provided by Reimo are as followed:

  • Agusti S2 Sleeper Bench with Integrated head rest.
  • Bench Divan 502 – cozy bench
  • Divano 506 bench.
  • SK7 Bench seat system.
  • Rotating double seat bench.
  • Pilot seats for the passenger compartments.

Pilot, single & Swivel Seats

Pilot seats and single seats are also sold separately by Reimo and can offer maximum comfort and versatility when travelling. They are designed for certain vehicles and can use the vehicle space to their advantage.

Another product provided is that of ‘Swivel consoles and brackets’, which can be placed under these single seats to allow the chair to move in a 365-degree position. The specific specifications and vehicle types for these revolving consoles and brackets are found in the Reimo Van conversion catalogue of 2023, and also on the Reimo webpage. Us at UK Leisure Parts are proud to be a supplier of the Reimo products and can provide any help or information as required by you, please feel free to contact us with any queries,

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