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Dometic Products

Proud To Supply Dometic Products To Our Trade Customers

Dometic is a company that we are proud to work with here at UK Leisure Parts. They are a leading brand in supplying appliances for recreational vehicles, trucks, premium cars and even home use. At UK Leisure Parts, we supply the recreational vehicle products to trade members at an incredible rate.

Dometic as a company has a unique market reach and trade in over 100 countries and have a long connection with the leisure industry. Dometic originally began as an Electrolux company in Sweden around 1901, to which they started a ‘multi-brand’ policy in 2009 and became the Dometic group. By selling products under a variety of brands worldwide, Dometic is now one of the world’s leading suppliers in the Leisure industry for appliances.

Zero Compromise On Quality

The focus of Dometic as a company is to be able to provide advanced and high-quality products, that are well deigned to be used for its desired purpose. By doing this, as well as being determined to create products that maximise comfort, Dometic is the leading brand to use when looking into buying accessories for your mobile home. Whether that be for a sink unit, fridge or even a ventilation fixture, Dometic and UK Leisure Parts have the right product for you.

Dometic also provide a lot of different accessories which can make your mobile living lifestyle just that little easier. Here at UK Leisure Parts, we provide a range of the different accessories provided by Dometic, which can completely change the way your mobile home looks, as well as runs.

Dometic Products We Can Source

The various Dometic products which we sell are listed on our webpage, however a small summary of what we provide is listed below:

  • Combi burners and Sinks.
  • Sink units (also with drains).
  • Fridges.
  • Mini Grills.
  • Ventilators.
  • Camp room panels (for extra space when stationary).
  • Accessories such as Crank arms, Brackets, Thermocouples, fridge draws, etc.
  • Hinged and Sliding windows.
  • Portable toilets.

There’s A Dometic Product For Everyone

As you can see, Dometic can provide products that can assist with general everyday life. For example, the fridges and accessories can help significantly with the food you need to be chilled while living on the road. With affordable prices and high quality, Dometic products can provide it all. In terms of Hygiene, Dometic are very fond of keeping it up to the highest standard, even when you are travelling. The Dometic Toilet systems make sure that all hygiene standards are kept while travelling, by being available to use at your convenience, and being as easy to use as a household toilet.

At UK Leisure Parts, we supply the Dometic products for our Trade customers only, to which you can quickly and easily sign up for on our website. For any specific information on any of the Dometic products or even the company itself, please get in contact with us today by submitting your query to us online – we will be happy to help. Alternatively, take a look at the ‘Dometic’ tab on our website, where you are able to see all of the different products we provide.

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