Decor-Lam Furniture Board

World Class Decorative Wood Boards

At UK Leisure Parts, we are a proud supplier of different brands – to help our customers get a wide choice and variety of products/services when shopping with us.

One of the brands we are proud to be a supplier of is that of Décor-Lam. Décor-Lam is a leading supplier of decorative boards and laminate flooring for a variety of different structures – including campervans. By retaining their unique way of working and keeping up with the latest technology, Décor-Lam can offer a level of service which is non-comparable, which stands out from the crowd. With these new innovative ways of working, Décor-Lam is always looking for new ways to reduce expensive and improve efficiency. These are just a select few reasons why we are a proud supplier of their wooden board textures.

Extensive Choice Of Patterns & Finishes

With 35+ colours and styles for you to choose from, UK Leisure Parts can offer you the best wooden board design for your mobile home. Our representatives are always available to help you with the questions you may have towards making your furniture board decisions. But what can laminate furniture board offer your mobile home?

Laminate wood boards has become a firm favourite in many motorhomes, as it is not only increasingly realistic to look at, but also because it is cheaper and easier to maintain in the long-term. The benefits of laminate wood boards in a regular property are endless- from having a higher re-sale value, to being more stylish. In a mobile home however, there are even more benefits. There is an overwhelming choice as to which is best for your camper van, these benefits will help you decide.

Benefits Of Decor-Lam Furniture Boards

  1. Laminate boards are highly durable, it consists of a series of protective and high-density layers which are bonded together to make a strong structure. This can not just benefit the finish, but also the general wear-and-tear of daily life.
  2. With an easy ‘click’ system, laminate designs are easy to install, without having to pay a fortune for someone to do it for you.
  3. The top layer of Laminate flooring is typically highly resistant to everyday life such as scratches and water resistance. Being water resistant is vital in a motor home, as humidity and spillages are frequently.
  4. Laminate boards are also easy to clean and much more hygienic than traditional boards.
  5. Its realistic design can offer a sense of natural beauty and appearance which can make a mobile home look more modern and cleaner. You can choose from different colours and designs, which can all benefit your space better.

At UK Leisure Parts you are able to look through all of the different board types which are offered by Décor-Lam, with over 35 designs to choose from, which we are proud to be a trusted supplier of. Have a look at our Décor-Lam products for more information on their products and how they look.

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