T5 & T6 Double Swivel

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Vw T5 & T6 Double cab Swivel plate

fitting this plate below your original vw t5/6 double cab seat will allow you to swivel the whole seat round 360 degrees

heavy duty Nylon swivel slide plate to allow for easy movement and no rattles

centre locking bolts so no catching your legs on unsightly bolts outside of the seat frame

centre bolts have a rest plate so when unscrewed can be rested on these while swiveling allowing free movement of swivel plate

centre bolts are also situated in elongated channels so minimal loss of storage space under double seat is achieved

easy guide marking points on external plate allow for easy alignment of swivel plate

fully pull tested swivel base so rest assured if the worst were to happen our swivel will not fail

if you would like to test these plates out before purchasing then a display model is set up in our barnsley branch for you to try

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Weight 20 kg

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