SIKAFLEX 522 (NEW) WHITE – 294104

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For example, for sealing and bonding sinks
Weather resistant and low emission
UV and aging stable
Mold resistant
Suitable for mounting high roofs
Indoor and outdoor application

Sikaflex®-522 is a universal STP adhesive sealant with high resistance to aging, mold and weathering. Applicable on many substrates without primer. Free of isocyanate, solvents and phthalate.

Product benefits:

High aging and weathering resistance
Good resistance to mold
Special low emission and low odor
Good adhesion to a wide range of substrates without the need for special pretreatment.
Good color stability under UV influence
Free of isocyanate, solvent and phthalate
Meets the hygiene requirements for air conditioning and ventilation systems according to VDI 6022, Sheet 1:2011-07
ISEGA certificate for use in the food sector
EMICODE® EC1PLUS certified

Sikaflex®-522 shows good adhesion to a wide range of substrates and is suitable for elastic sealing and bonding applications indoors and outdoors. This product is suitable for applications in air conditioning and ventilation, as well as food processing plants. Suitable substrates include wood, glass, metals, metal primers and paints (two-component systems), ceramic materials and plastics. Follow manufacturer’s recommendations before using Sikaflex®-522 on materials subject to stress cracking. Preliminary tests must be carried out with original materials to avoid stress cracking. This product is suitable for experienced users only. Preliminary tests must be carried out with original materials under the relevant conditions to ensure adhesion and material compatibility.
Scope of delivery:
1 300 ml cartridge adhesive sealant

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