Sargent DC-DC Charger 20A 3 Stage


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This unit takes power from the vehicle battery and alternator, to provide a rapid multi-stage charging of a leisure battery. It is particularly useful when the base vehicle is fitted with a smart alternator, such as Euro6 vehicles.
The charger can provide up to 20 amps to the leisure battery and uses a 3-Stage profile to ensure fast, efficient charging during driving.
The unit can be configured for most leisure battery types, including Lead Acid, Gel, AGM & LiFePO4 (We advise checking compatibility with your battery manufacturer before installing)
The charger also features a rugged extruded casing with intelligent fan cooling to reduce noise.


Power 260W (max)
Input voltage range 10.5 – 15.4V
Output voltage 8 – 16V
Output current 20A (max)
Standby current 17mA (max)
Efficiency @12V 94%
Engine run (D+) input Yes
Dimensions (LxWxH) 147 x 118 x 41mm
Weight 460g

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