MASS / Haba Pressure Pump With Strainer

MASS / Haba Pressure Pump 7 Litre 12V 2.4 Bar / 35 PSI With Strainer

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The Maas 1000 is a 12V pressurized converter water pump. The water pump ensures that the water flows through the pipes as soon as there is a demand for water from, for example, a tap or shower, but also when flushing the toilet. With this pump you have good, stable water pressure throughout your motorhome or caravan. Especially for the camper and caravan The pressure pump is ideally suited for the motorhome and caravan. Almost every tap can be used in combination with the Maas 1000 water pump. Easy to install The water pump is easy to install by screwing the mounting feet into the desired location. The pressure pump can be placed outside the water tank in an easily accessible place. The mounting feet are chosen to isolate the pump from the mounting surface. This keeps vibrations and noise to a minimum. The connection with the flexible pipes is made easy with the supplied straight and angle couplings and filter with quick couplings. How does the pressurized water pump work The Maas 1000 draws in water from the tank. The pump is activated when the pressure in the pipe falls and the tap is open. The water pump draws in the water from the water tank and pumps it with pressure to where the water is required (tap/shower/toilet). The water pump gives 10L/min and the pressure is 2.4 bar. It must be connected to 12V. Pressurized water pump material The pressurized water pump is made of plastic, metal. The colour is black. The pressure pump has a size of 205 X 188 X 90 mm. Parts supplied A filter, a straight coupling piece and an angled coupling piece are supplied with the Maas 1000 pressure water pump. Available to order via our converter catalogue.

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