Reimo Maxi-camper (Other vehicles)

Other Brands Of Maxi-camper

The Reimo maxi-camper van conversion designs offer exclusive van extensions with multifunctional living spaces for various vehicles including Mercedes-Benz, Ford Transit vans, Peugeot and Citroën.

The following text will extensively look into the different designs provided by Reimo and how it can benefit your mobile living life.

Mercedes-Benz Vito

The following products are specifically designed for the Mercedes-Vito vans and can provide anything from a slim line of furniture to a fully equipped camping van. Ideal for individuals or whole families, the designs for the Mercedes-Vito provides the most convenience and space to aid your travel.

Reimo Loft-Van

Providing the ‘latest generation travel’, the Loft-van design offers an elegant interior deign which can provide 6/7 seats. This is a new design and can be flexible to you, as it can be self-installed at your convenience.


This exclusive conversion design provides full equipment for the campers. The 5 three-point seat belts allows for up to 7 people to be in the vehicle, with easily accessible camping equipment and storage to aid in the outdoor living style.


Similar in design to the Volkswagen City-van, the Reimo City-van provides an easily accessible, multifunctional mobile conversion.


The weekender is a perfect van conversion design for the bigger groups. The large design can hold up to 5 people. With a large flat sleeping surface, the interior of the van can provide maximum comfort. Whether for business or pleasure, the Reimo Weekender conversion is said to be the perfect first vehicle for every activity.

Renault Trafic, Opel Vivaro, Fiat Talento and the Nissan NV 300

The following Reimo Trio-style equipment are specially designed for Renault, Opel, Fiat and Nissan. These exclusive conversion packages provide full equipment and significant storage space, for family trips and even individual ones. Large sleeping areas are also provided, which can extend over the entire width of the vehicle, which can guarantee the best nights sleep possible.

Reimo Trio-style

This exclusive camper comes with a complete chic furniture collection, and can fit up to 7 passengers, with two additional single seats. The extensive storage system is removable, which can be installed at the owners convenience.


Similar to the other weekender designs, this large capacity van conversion can hold up to 5 people and provide a large flat sleeping area and removable 3 person-seat bench. The weekender is described as an ‘all-rounder’, as it can assist in everyday life alongside also being convenient to travel in.

Ford Transit Custom

Ford transit vans are comparatively much wider than the other vans discussed, which is why it can offer noticeably more living space inside the vehicle. With this space, alongside the extensive equipment provided by the Reimo Trio-style conversion packages, travel holidays can be done at ease and comfort.

Reimo Trio-style

With the same specifications as the other vehicle, the Trio-style can significantly assist in the versatility of outdoor living and travelling.

Citroën space-tourer

The following conversion packages are for the listed vehicles and can provide the best convenience and luxury, alongside a modern design and high-quality materials.

Reimo Trip

Specifically only designed for the Citroen space-tourer, the Reimo Trip design is the all-rounder vehicle, providing the highest variability through using the original floor rails provided in the vehicle. The modular furniture line offers an elegant design, with the bed module using the original 2-seater bench. It is also important to mention that this design is a self-install model, meaning that it can be easily installed and dismantled when needed.

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