Premium Curtains And Silver Screens

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At UK Leisure Parts, we stock a range of premium curtains and silver screens for your desired motor home. For the lovers of the blackout curtains – this product is perfect for you.

Our packages of premium blackout curtains and silver screens provide the best possible cover on those bright mornings, along with the silver screens providing protection from hot and cold weather systems. In addition to this, we offer the premium curtains to be ‘pre-loaded’. This means that the curtains are already loaded onto the rails, therefore providing more convenience to you and the installation of the product.

Premium curtains

We offer two different types of premium curtains for your motorhome. These include:

1. The VW T5 and T6 SWB & LWB Barndoor Premium Curtain Set; and

2. The VW T5 and T6 SWB & LWB Tailgate Premium Curtains.

The main difference between the two curtain sets is the placement in which they’ll be installed into your motorhome. For example, by installing tailgate curtains, you will receive a better view out of the back of the vehicle, compared to the barndoor curtains. Another main difference is the way in which the camper doors are hinged. A tailgate is known as a one-piece rear door that is hinged at the top of the vehicle and opens horizontally. Whereas barn doors are two doors located at the back of the vehicle that open outwards vertically, as the hinges are located on the side of the van.

Barndoor Curtains

The Barndoor premium curtain set offers amazing material and quality, which easily fits into any motorhome with pre bent rails. In this specific package, all rails are included at your convenience, and you will receive not only sliding door curtains, but also left rear side window and barndoor curtains as well.

Tailgate Curtains

The Tailgate premium curtains have the same amount of quality in the materials used, offering the best possible premium products for you. If you are looking for amazing black out curtains for your motorhome, we recommend our tailgate curtains for your vehicle. The range of grey and black curtains can be fitted either side of your vehicle, to suit you. As well as the Barndoor curtain package, the tailgate curtains also come with rails included, which simply just need screwing into your vehicle, at your convenience for easy fitting.

Silver Screens

Our VW Cabin Silver Screens which we offer here at UK Leisure Parts are designed mainly for protection against hot and cold weather conditions. The silver screens are made up of aluminized PVC foil, which is used to cool the inside of your vehicle by reflecting the intense heat coming from the hot weather. Therefore, providing cool temperatures inside the vehicle when it is hot on the outside. In terms of cold external weather, the aluminized mattress used in the silver screens helps to protect the internal heat of the vehicle from cold winter conditions. Therefore, our premium silver screens can provide the best possible protection for you, at your convenience.

For more information on our premium curtains or silver screen products, take a tour of our website today. Alternatively, get in contact with us, we will be happy to help.

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