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Premium Furniture Boards

Here at UK Leisure Parts, we supply a premium collection of furniture boards, which are supplied directly from our partners, Décor-Lam and Nobilpan. It can be difficult to decide which furniture designs and colours will suit your mobile home the best, which is why we offer our furniture sample service, to help you decide before you buy!

When initially designing any new areas in your home, it can be a daunting and overwhelming experience, due to the vast number of choices available. The following page will talk about why it is important for you to try out our samples before you buy your full furniture sets, and the different designs available to you.

Why is it important to test samples before you buy?

Firstly, colours and designs can look a lot different online than in person, which is why it is important to get a view of the actual colours and textures of the furniture that you are buying. Also, colours can look different in different spaces, due to lighting and angles, so it is beneficial to look before you buy for the full price. When checking the look of a specific sample in a designated space, it gives a wider perspective of the environment it is going to become. In addition to this, you are able to test the strength of each furniture model you are wanting to purchase, and how it can hold the weight of certain appliances in your mobile home. Finally, another benefit of testing samples is that, more often than not, more information about the product itself are often printed out on the actual product/sample. This may be regarding the textures, where they were made, the name of the materials, etc. For some, ecological and top quality materials are vital in their mobile home, to make sure it is as efficient as possible.

Extensive Range Of Woods

Here at UK Leisure Parts, we have an extensive collection of colours and textures for you to choose from. All of which are supplied from our premium suppliers Décor-Lam and Nobilpan. Décor-Lam is an English company which supply laminated designs, at high quality and low prices. For more information on Décor-Lam as a company, and the different products they supply, check out the information page we did for them. Nobilpan on the other hand, is our Italian furniture supplier, which specialise in Plywood furniture. Plywood is known to be a strong material, which can offer maximum quality. For more information on the types of products Nobilpan produce contact us today.

Our furniture sample service allows you to try any of our furniture models before you buy them completely. We have an extensive range of different designs and colours for you to choose from, so you can order a wide array of samples to try out. For the full list of designs and colours for you to choose from, click our ‘furniture samples’ tab where you can find them all! Alternatively, get in touch with us today and we will be happy to assist.

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