New Features To Help You Shop

Our New Website

If you have been shopping with us for a while now you may have noticed our new website look… We felt like it was time for a change to allow our customers shopping experience to be as seamless and as enjoyable as possible.

We understand that over 70% of our shoppers use mobile devices to carry out their orders, as a result of this fact we have doubled down on our mobile version of the website making it much simpler to find what you need, as we know on some websites this can be a chore to find even the most basic of products. As well as our new website design, there has been extensive research and planning into how we can make it easier to shop and find what you need with ease. We are always looking for new and innovative ways to improve your shopping experience but here are some of the new features we have implements that you can take advantage of.

Fast checkout and payments with Apple or Google Pay

We understand that a seamless payment process can save a lot of frustrations, that is why we have integrated Google and Apple Pay into our checkout system allowing you to go from adding your items into your basket to a completed payment in a matter of seconds.

If you would prefer to use the traditional checkout system that is also still available. To make that a faster process for yourself in the future you can add your shipping and billing details in your “account” under “addresses” where your details can be added automatically for you on any future orders. You can also add a payment method under the “payment methods” tab, this will automatically be filled in and be remembered for all of your future orders. It can be deleted or edited at any point.

Easily Reorder Items You’ve Already Bought

Convenience is a huge time saver, which is why we have introduced a “buy it again” feature where if you find yourself ordering the same products over again, instead of navigating the website to find those same products you have already bought, you can log into your account and select the “buy again” tab where all of the products you have previously purchased are organised conveniently, for you to simply add to cart again.

Stock Notifications

It’s frustrating when you are in need of a product but its unfortunately out of stock, although we attain to keeping our products in stock there’s sometimes a short period where it will be out of stock due to high demand or supply chain issues. If this is the case, we have added a “notify me” button on products that are out of stock. This sets an email reminder to your main account email that’s triggered as soon as the product is back in stock so you can get first access.

You can manage all of your out of stock notifications in the “stock notifications” tab in your “account” page. Email notifications for a specific product will automatically deactivate once you have received the automatic email notification.

Weekly Updates & Features

Every week we carry out a news or feature content piece that keeps our customers up to date with: new stock, news, new partnerships you can take advantage of, company offers and much more.

In order to keep up to date you can visit our news tab in the main menu or simply sign up to our mailing list to be first to hear about the important news about UK Leisure Parts and the leisure world. Although this is a very new feature we plan to continue this for all of our customers to benefit from in the distant future.

Sign Up As A Trade Customer

If you are a trade business in the leisure industry then you can take advantage of our trade access to our website. All you have to do if you’re not already, is use the “Sign up as trade customer form”, then wait for one of our members of staff to review your information. Once your information has been checked and accepted you’ll receive an email to say your new trade account has been activated, where you can shop with our trade discounted prices.

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