Heating up your mobile home

Efficient Heating

During the colder months, it is important to ensure you have a good heating system in place in your mobile home. Caravans and mobile vans tend to be significantly colder than traditional home structures, and having heating is a necessity. The heating system in a mobile home provides two functions – to heat up the internal living space, and to provide hot water to those homes with a water tank. Here at UK Leisure Parts, we have a number of different products – including heaters and various accessories to help get you on your way to warmth!

We supply several different heating products, all of which are based upon 3 different items – diesel ran, gas ran, and petrol ran heating systems. The accessories for these are all listed on our website and can be found under the ‘heating’ tab. Different fuels can have different effects on the surrounding environment, and the heating of the property, all of which are discussed below.

Diesel Heating

By using fuel from the vehicles’ main diesel tank, diesel powered heating systems are often used in larger vehicles and can be used for both hot air and hot water – allowing you to have that hot shower whenever you need to! The main benefits of having a diesel-powered heating system are that they can operate extremely well in colder temperatures – which can always come in use during those cold months. They are also extremely reliable and can have relatively low running costs for both fuel and electrical requirements. However, the main drawbacks of using diesel powered heating systems are that they can be very noisy, which can cause upset if you have any neighbours. Also, they can be very expensive to buy first-hand – making it difficult for those on a tight budget.

Gas Heating

The main difference between diesel and gas heating systems is that the gas heating system is fuelled by gas canister which can be stored internally or externally. The main benefits of using a gas operated heating system are that they are easily re-filled and can run on very little energy consumption. They can also heat the required space very quickly, which many people can benefit from during the colder nights. However, gas heating can also be very noisy when the canister is placed inside the van, which is why it is recommended to be placed externally.  Also, it can also be expensive to buy, which again poses difficulties to those campervan owners on a tight budget.

Petrol Heating

Petrol powered heating systems offer the same reasoning and benefits as gas-powered heating products. They can be filled at any fuel station and can be efficient to run. However, they can cause noise pollution and can be expensive.

At UK Leisure Parts we are always here to help with any questions you may have about motor home living. When it comes to heating up your motor home, we highly recommend taking a tour of our various heating systems and accessories, to make sure you are choosing the right heating system for you. If you have any other questions, we are more than happy to help you – contact us today!

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