Ardcase Security Pedal Locks For T5 & T6

Our Strongest Deterrent Yet

One of the latest products we are proud to supply is that of the Ardcase pedal locks. A pedal lock is effectively a top-class anti-theft device that is placed on top of the vehicle’s pedal sticks to prevent car thieves from stealing your vehicle. This is a very important way of maintaining security, especially when having a campervan or mobile home to secure. Although traditional, the pedal lock can offer many benefits, including visual deterrence, convenience and efficiency – which will all be discussed later in this text.

The products supplied by us come in two different designs – one for the manual gear box, and one for the automatic. Both designs use an ultra-resilient and strong single 60mm sliding shackle lock, which allows for extra protection against theft. This is their latest range of security products, which have been proven to be better than the previous models. Exclusively available to us at UK Leisure Parts, the Ardcase Security pedal locks are specifically designed for the Volkswagen T5 and T6 vehicles. It upholds many benefits including quick set-up, being financially efficient and of course – protection against robbery. The main difference between the two designs is the steel which is placed around the pedals – whether that may be 3 pedals for the manual, and 2 for the automatic vehicles.

Easy Application Anti Theft Device

Security in a mobile home holds great significance, as you are constantly on the move and travelling to different places. Your motorhome would have been a great investment for you, and the last thing you would wish is for it to get broken in to, or even stolen. The pedal locking system is a very efficient deterrent against thieves, as well as offering other benefits to you:

  1. It is immediately visible from the interior of the vehicle, which can be very important. When looking into mobile home security, visual deterrents are very important. Having a pedal lock immediately deters any thieves from attempting to break into your vehicle.
  2. It can offer convenience – when you are constantly on the move, it is easy to quickly park up and place the lock on top of your pedals.
  3. They are very effective – pedal locks can be very difficult to remove without the key, they are resistant to hammering, bending and cutting, which pose an obstacle to potential thieves.

Satisfied Customers

As a company, Ardcase has been running for over 10 years, creating pedal locks for various vehicles. The Ardcase company describe their products as the ‘ultimate security’ for your vehicle. The products made by them have been proven to deter opportunist thieves, which has left them with hundreds of satisfied customers worldwide.

At UK Leisure Parts, we are a proud supplier of these products for your Volkswagen T5 and T6. Although they are very simple and quick to set up in your camper, they are a very strong, durable and visual deterrent to thieves. For more information on these products, please visit our Ardcase section on our webpage – where you can view the manual and automatic design.

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