Air Conditioning Units In Motor Homes

Cost & Space Effective

Throughout the past couple of years, we have seen dramatic changes in the weather, with having the hottest summer on record last year. With this warmer weather creeping in, it is important for you to understand the importance of keeping your mobile home cool in the summer.

At UK Leisure Parts, we currently have a Dometic Aircon unit on the website (although we can source any product required from dometic to our trade customers), which fits conveniently under a bench or bed. It can provide the benefits of having air conditioning, as well as efficiently saving storage space . It should be noted that this product is specifically for Trade products, which is easy to sign up for on our website, for some more information on this product please click below:

Regulate Your Leisure Vehicle With The Best

The main question is about what temperature your caravan or mobile home should be, which can be answered in a number of ways. Depending on the amount of people, and weather conditions externally, the temperature can differ – due to factors such as body temperatures and scorches from the sun. Everybody wants to feel comfortable, which all depends on personal preferences. The main purpose of a camper-van air conditioning unit it’s to simply cool the area down and create comfort. Often, small, enclosed spaces like caravans can get hot and humid rather fast, which can create discomfort fast.

The main benefits of having air conditioning in your mobile home is that you are able to ventilate your air, in a safe and environmentally friendly way. By having the Dometic Aircon unit fitted under one of your benches, you can take advantage of these benefits, along with having the benefit of utilising your storage space. The Dometic Aircon Unit is also the most quiet when operating, which can create a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere for you to live in. These compact Aircon units, which are supplied by Dometic can be easily placed in the smallest of places.

How do they work?

Air conditioning units’ function around the same idea as the cooling units in other appliances, such as fridges. However, the cooling frequency lasts a lot longer, and removes heat from around the space, to then blow out cold air. Also, it reduces humidity in the surrounding area significantly, as air conditioning units are able to collect the extra water collected and keep it in a separate filter. The energy efficiency in a small air conditioning unit which is used in a campervan is significantly lower than that of a big air conditioning unit. Therefore, you are automatically helping to be econo9mically friendly, as well as also gaining from all of the other benefits it can offer.

For any more information on the air conditioning unit supplied by us here at UK Leisure Parts, take a look around our website, or click the link at the top of the page. The benefits of having air conditioning in your camper-van are endless – get yours today!

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